Murder and Mystery and Supernatural Shenanigans!


An awkward vampire with the fashion sense of a grandad. Not as long-suffering as he tries to pretend. Don’t ask his age, he’ll just dodge the question. He has a difficult relationship with his main source of food, so don’t ask about that either.


A cheerful werewolf with bad eyesight, a big heart, and a great deal of curiosity. She’s in her mid-twenties but has the energy of a puppy at the treat bag. Hides her more obviously inhuman traits, but isn’t the best at it.


A tired millennial with green hair and a green thumb. There’s not much you can do with a masters in Welsh History, so she works in the local library. She thinks there’s something weird about her small hometown.

Mr Davies

Mina’s dad. A large, hairy guy who only owns rugby shirts and jeans, the only thing that sets him apart from every other Welshman is the turning into a wolf thing. It’s easy to see where Mina’s cheerfulness comes from. Surprisingly accepting of his daughter’s interesting taste in men, although he approves of Rufus a lot more.


The middlest Davies sibling. Also the tallest and the grumpiest, he is not a fan of things like “talking” and “interacting with anyone not directly related to him” and making him do these things can end badly. It’s a matter of debate whether he actually owns any proper clothes or if he lives in his pyjamas, surrounded by books.


The oldest Davies sibling, with the most unfortunate name. Probably the most pleasant and easy-going of the lot, he works as a chef in Cardiff. His main loves in life are food, petting dogs, and his cute boyfriend.


Dafydd’s boyfriend. They met at college - Rufus is from another, slightly bigger, town in mid Wales, and finds Llanbleddyn to be extremely weird. He doesn’t mind that his boyfriend is a werewolf. He always preferred hairy men ;)